Displaced Communities

displaced by Hitler & Stalin; 95%+)

(over 200,000 expelled, imprisoned, displaced, emigrated; 98.5% total)

VOLGA GERMANS (over 400,000 expelled by Soviets to Kazakhstan)

DUTCH GERMANS (3,691 expelled,
15% of German population)

(100-200,000 expelled after WWI)

(over 3,000,000 expelled
and displaced; 95% total)

(over 100,000 expelled, over
300,000 displaced; 88% of total)

(over 700,000 or 91.5% displaced by Hitler, USSR, & emigration)

US Internment of German-Americans, Japanese, & Italians
(10,906+ interned & blacklisted) NEW!

(over 5,000,000 expelled and displaced, nearly 100%) COMING SOON

(nearly 1,000,000 to Germany and Kazakhstan) COMING SOON

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From Poland, to Czechoslovakia, to Occupied Germany: My Flight from the Red Army to the West
(memoir about wartime flight & Jewish, Polish, & German daily life near Auschwitz) NEW!

Daily Diary of Forced Labor in the Mines of Soviet Ukraine NEW!

The problem of classifying German expellees as a 'genocide'

Why the German, Czech, and Polish governments reject expellee commemoration

Distorted historical memory and ethnic nationalism as a cause for forgetting expellees

Ethnic bias and nationalist revisionism among scholars as a cause for forgetting expellees

The History and Failure of Expellee Politics and Commemoration NEW!

Expellee scholarship on the occupations of Czechoslovakia and the Sudetenland, 1918-1945

Sexual Violence and Gender in Expellee Scholarship and Narratives

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Note: the list below only reflects our full-time researchers and website technical staff; new staff members are appointed based upon commitment, partnership/affiliate support, and contribution level.



1) James Mayfield (Director)

Founder, Director, Lead Writer of all essays, Chief Editor

Email Address:
director@expelledgermans.org OR mayfent@alumni.stanford.edu

Professor, Historian, Researcher, Translator, Director of the IREG

See my lectures and speeches here.

Academic Credentials:

- Second Masters in History (Race, Ethnic Violence, Genocide), Stanford University (2013).
- Masters in History (Nationalism, Race, Post-Colonial World, Africa, Asia), CSU Fullerton (2011).
- Bachelors in History (Modern Europe, sub-concentrations in Middle East & Asia), CSU Long Beach (2009).
- Minor in Germanic Studies & Language, CSU Long Beach (2009).

Instructor, Concordia University, Irvine, CA
Instructor, Coast Community College District, CA
Instructor, Long Beach Community College, CA
Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach-OLLI, California

Research Emphasis:
comparative race relations; cultural hierarchies; ethnic minorities; nature of human conflict; effects of trauma on cultural identity; ethnic cleansing and genocide

Languages Spoken:
Fluent English & German; proficient Dutch and Afrikaans; intermediate Czech and Slovak

Selected Outside Publications, Books, and Conferences:

1) Mayfield, James and Weigandt, Ernesto. Memoria del Olvido (Memory of Oblivion). Buenos Aires: Grupo del Escritores, 2014. – comparative book on ethnic cleansing centered around the expulsion of German minorities from Eastern Europe after World War II. This includes how the US government targeted suspected "infiltrators" of German, Japanese, and Italian ethnicity in Latin America.

2) Editor, scholarly reviewer, consultant, and preface writer for Starič, Peter. My Life under Totalitarianism, 2014. Upcoming. Published in English and Slovene.

3) My research on the social conditions of the Gypsies/Roma in Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary was broadcast by the United Nations television department, Senior TV Producer Patricia Chan, TV Section, NMD/DPI, in 2011.

4) Consulted on the EU's project, "Migration in European History," European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) with Dr. Mircea Negru of Spiru Haret University in Bucharest, Romania, 2013.

5) Archival work, research, consultant for Dorsey, Kurt. Whales and Nations: Environmental Diplomacy on the High Seas. Seattle, WA: University of the Washington Press, 2012.

6) Mayfield, James. "Conflicting Czech, Polish, and German Historical Memories on the Expulsion of German minorities," delivered at the International Network of Genocide Scholars' conference, "Genocide: Knowing the Past, Safeguarding the Future," San Francisco State University, June-July 2012.

7) Mayfield, James. “Explaining the Rapid Rise of the Xenophobic Right in Contemporary Europe,” GeoCurrents, http://geocurrents.info/cultural-geography/the-rapid-rise-of-the-xenophobic-right-in-contemporary-europe. Reviewed by Stanford professors Dr. Martin Lewis and Dr. Asya Pereltsvaig.

8) Mayfield, James. "Imagining Revolutionary World Orders: Understanding Post-colonial State Formation in Ghana, India, Yugoslavia, and Tanzania as Projects for Alternative Modernities." CSU Fullerton, 2011.

9) Mayfield, James. "Changing and constructed frameworks of ethnoracial identity under Italian Fascism." Published and presented at Spiru Haret University in Bucharest, ROMANIA, 2011.

10) Mayfield, James. "The ethnic cleansing of the Volga German minority." Delivered at the "Forgotten Genocide" conference at the College of Meramec in St. Louis. Filmed for DVD and TV, 2010.

11) Scholarly consultant for source accuracy and reviewer for Reale, Luigi. Mussolini's Concentration Camps for Civilians. Portland, OR: Vallentine Mitchell, 2001.

12) Interviewed by Giles Tremlett of The Guardian on the conditions of the Gypsy/Roma minorities in Europe, 2013.

13) Translation assistance of a 17th-century document submitted by a French prisoner to the Dutch Estates General requesting asylum for refusal to convert to Catholicism. Translated from Dutch to English for Stanford University, 2011.

14) Mayfield, James. Institute for Research of Expelled Germans. "Comparing the American Internment of Japanese-, German-, and Italian-Americans during World War II.” http://expelledgermans.org/germaninternment.htm.

15) Presently being interviewed by Michael Haas of the New Zurich Times (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) in German on the subject of post-World War II ethnic cleansing and mass forced migration. Reference: praktikant.ddj@nzz.ch

16) My publications are being used for British documentary work by Sophie Dixon on ethnic cleansing in Czechoslovakia, as well as ongoing projects for the international organisation "Fragment" and the permanent Silesian museum in Srbska, Czech Republic: See Oficiální stránky Obce Horní Řasnice: http://www.hornirasnice.cz/fragment/.

17) My research has been used at Spiru Haret University in Bucharest, Romania, by national Chair of Museums and Collections Dr. Ernest Oberländer-Tarnoveanu and Romanian professor Dr. Mircea Negru for projects on minority relations and immigration.

18) Developing a documentary on California Indian trauma and settler genocide as a lead researcher with Intertribal Entertainment (directors Paula Starr and James Lujan), Fourth Wall Films in Kansas, and reservations of the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association, including Dave Toler (tribal councilman of the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians) and William Madrigal (lead coordinator of culture for Morongo Band of Mission Indians).

19) Scholarly reviewer and consultant for Toler, David. Blood of the Band. El Cajon, CA: Sunbelt Publications, 2015. - a monograph by San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians Tribal Chairman Dave Toler on the displacement, assimilation, and cultural challenges faced by the Kumeyaay Indians of Southern California under American rule.

20) Interviewed in English and German for Butler, Hannah. "The 1,000s of Germans massacred after WWII." Die Lokale / The Local, Germany. http://thelocal.de/20150731/70-years-on-german-massacre-victims-remembered

(Email James Mayfield for a complete list)

2) Ernesto Weigandt

Writer, Translator, Researcher

Email Address: ernewei@gmail.com

Profession: Historian, Linguist, Translator

Research Emphasis: ethnic cleansing, forced migration, minourities, Middle Eastern history, religions, philosophy, and linguistics

Languages Spoken: Fluent Spanish, German, Latin, Esperanto, and English

Outside Publications:

1) Mayfield, James and Weigandt, Ernesto. Memoria del Olvido. Buenos Aires: Grupo del Escritores, 2014.